We offer solutions to pallet problems
and overall pallet management solutions tailored to your needs.


Pallet outsourcing

This is a complex pallet management. We always prepare this service exactly according to the needs of our clients. The client transfers to us all the issues related to pallets, where he only provides us with information about the status of pallet accounts with suppliers and customers and the number of pallets needed for production.

It is up to us to collect all pallets from the client's customers, to sort them properly or repair them and then deliver them to the client for production. We can supply any missing pallets for production by selling or renting them and in case of excess pallets we can buy them back. Of course, we also balance pallet accounts with the client's suppliers, including monitoring the expiry of individual accounts.

Settlement of pallet accounts

You have a sufficient number of pallets and still do worry about consistent lack of pallets being produced? Is it because the great numbers of pallets persist in your clients‘ companies?

We have a solution for you.

How does it work?

You will provide us with the data of the customer who ‘owes‘ you the pallets including the contact person responsible for the Pallet Account and the required pallet type. We are to address the company and suggest the possible solution, i.e. supply the pallets in the name of the company. As a result, you will be provided with pallets into your operation in time and place as required.

Any problems with pallets?

We are here to solve the problems with pallets and pallet management for you. We have had years of experience. We do not intend just to sell and/or repair pallets, but to find the most suitable solution for the client in order to lower the cost.

Pallet optimization

Do you have a lot of atypical pallets that complicate your everyday transport? Has the manufacturing process, packing method and/or the product changed and you still use the old type of pallets? Did you know that the wood constitutes almost 70 % of the pallet price?

We can help you optimize the individual types of pallets in order for you to use them efficiently for storage and transport. Pallet rationalisation is an easy way to lower the cost in case the pallet is overloaded.

Pallet graphic design

Do you inquire about pallets and you do not have its drawing documentation? You might then receive inaccurate offers from the pallet producers because they do not have exact data, which can result in an unsuccessful tender. We offer to make an accurate and clear drawing documentation.

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